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DiscVision and 4mod present farfield voice input device for Alexa on STB
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Voice Services are gaining a lot of worldwide attention at this time. About 55% of all US households will have Voice Assistant devices installed by 2022. Either on speakers, digital receivers, connected TVs, cars or wearables. Total installed devices will exceed 175 million at that time. While today most devices that integrate voice assistants are speakers, there is a clear trend that this technology will be integrated in more and more other devices in the future (Juniper Research 2018).

DiscVision has taken a leading role on this trend, by integrating the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) into various devices. The integration of the Amazon AVS service in combination with a push-to-talk or hands-free voice input allows using customized devices via voice and at the same time execute all of the Amazon Alexa services such as Amazon Music, Kindle eBooks, TuneIn music as well as all of the 50.000 Alexa skills that are currently available.

The French company 4mod and DiscVision present the results of their cooperation on the International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam starting on September 13th. The solution that is presented there is a farfield voice input device named UDEE that connects via Bluetooth to a STB that runs the Wakeword engine and the overall Alexa Voice Service (AVS). DiscVision as an officially appointed Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Solution Provider has integrated this solution with its STB system whereas 4mod has designed the UDEE device. This device listens for the Alexa Wakeword and takes the voice command submitted after this. When it is turned upside down, the UDEE is switched off and will not listen anymore. So the known Alexa user experience is now also available on STB and TV sets without any changes on these devices but just by a small software update.

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DiscVision provides solutions for a wide variety of visual devices such as TV sets, set-top boxes and media players, and more. DiscVision’s voice control solution, AVS SDK, will allow device makers to build Alexa into products ranging from TVs to digital TV receivers and more, streamlining the process for building voice control into the device. The UDEE now provides for the first time a hands-free access to these services.

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